Red Arrow Robotics

FIRST Robotics Competition team #3234, a.k.a. Red Arrow Robotics is a school sponsored club from Lowell, Michigan.


In 2008, a student approached Al Eckman to request he be the head mentor for a FRC robotics team. He agreed and applied for a grant from the Lowell Community Fund. The funds were used the first year to gain experience with smaller robots. The following year we moved forward in the FIRST program, graduating to larger robots.


To increase the understanding of science, engineering, and technology in everyday life while building self-confidence, communication, and leadership skills in local youth through robotics and community involvement.


To become a world class team in the FIRST program and enable our students to be the STEM leaders of their generation.


Develop a team that will design and build competitive robots, educate the community in STEM, and become self-sustaining through a business program and community sponsorship.

Community Involvement

Alto Fall Festival

A celebration in Alto, a village south of Lowell, that we have taken part in. When we did, we helped with the Library’s book sale and had a demonstration of the robot.

Freshman Orientation

Incoming freshman and their parents come to the high school to learn about the various activities they can take part in.

Lowell Expo

All Lowell businesses come and meet the community. We had the opportunity to have a booth last year.

Lowell Riverwalk Festival

All of Lowell comes together to show crafts and let loose. In addition to concerts, a parade, and fireworks there are plenty of booths.